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Varible boundary limits in gauge chart

Is is possilbe to have variable limits for boundary values in gauge charts?

Example -

3 products, each with a different sales target

ProductSalesTargetUnits Sold

Would like a traffic light to indicate whether or not each product has achieved target levels where the target levels are

0-90% of sales target light is red

91-99% of target light is amber

100%+ of target light is green

pA -> green

pB -> amber

pC -> red

pD -> green

Am not sure this is possible, but as its possible to change text colour based on changing limits would like to know its either not possible in gauges, or how to do it.

Thanks in advance.

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Re: Varible boundary limits in gauge chart

Like the best solutions, elegant and obvious - once its been demonstrated.

Thanks Massimo.

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