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Vertical Scrollbar in a Grid Chart

I've created a Grid Chart in Qlikview and on the Y-Axis, I am using a cycle group for the Dimension.  As I go through the different Dimensions by clicking on the cycle group, I noticed that not all the Dimension values appear in the chart.  If I know there are 20 values for a given dimension, only 5 would be display in the chart.  If I vertically expand the chart, I can see more dimension values be included.  Without expanding the chart, I would think that a vertical scrollbar would be included but I don't see one.

I tried changing the chart internal (Control Key + Shift Key) to see if that had any effect.  Nothing.

I Googled this problem and found some postings, but they were created back in the year 2009.  Does anyone know if there was ever a fix for this problem?

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Re: Vertical Scrollbar in a Grid Chart

Can you please post sample qvw?

The other way instead of cyclic group, try with variable, always show only one chart.

Re: Vertical Scrollbar in a Grid Chart

I think, there is no option for vertical bar in grid chart. 

May be you can increase your chart size till shows the 20 dimension value or decrease you font size.

Or you can use the hide / show the chart based on your cyclic group value (one chart will be large based on the dimension value, other charts will be small)

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