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Viewing all input sources and output files

Hi there,

Is there a way to get a graphical view of all input and output files of a qlikview document, similar to how the Table Viewer gives a graphical representation of all the tables being used?

If not a graphical view, perhaps even a list view displaying where my qlikview document reads in data from, and what qvd files the document is creating?


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Viewing all input sources and output files


This information to my knowledge isnt recorded in qlikview metadata. But you can generate log file while reload and this can be loaded as a tab delimited file and analyse what you need. Of course you need to carefully filter what you need which may be a labouries task but achievable.




Re: Viewing all input sources and output files

This isn't exactly what you're asking for but may be helpful.  I include script like this in all of my user applications, then show a chart with this data on it.  I don't expect any users ever go to the tab and look at it, but it's quite convenient for me as a developer.

[Data Source Load Times]:
"Data Source"
,timestamp(rangemax(evaluate('qvdcreatetime(' & chr(39) & '..\..\server\MasterData\QVD\'
                   & replace("Data Source",' ','_') & '.qvd' & chr(39) & ')')
                   ,evaluate('qvdcreatetime(' & chr(39) & '..\..\server\MasterData\QVD\'
                   & replace("Data Source",' ','')  & '.qvd' & chr(39) & ')'))) as "Last Loaded"
Data Source
Manufacturing Instructions
Order Item
Order Item Expected Proceeds

Viewing all input sources and output files

Head on over to the Meta Model group http://community.qlik.com/groups/meta-model-qv-power-tool and you'll find everything you need even a graphical view of input and output.



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