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Visualization - Bar Graph

hi guys


ok what I have here is an Beginning Exposure Amount...then all the amounts that Add up...and eventually give the End Exposure amount.

Since these amounts are so disparate...I would rather keep Beginning Exposure Amount in Currency as well as the End Amount, but the 'inner' ones, I'd like to convert to %...Does that way make sense?

1. Please assist - how do I do these calculations?

2. The 'mid' expressions all use IF statements...I would rather change that to Set analysis, so that I can use the TOTAL keyword...or can I use it in an IF as well?

3. Also I need assistance with the sorting - it should ALWAYs be in current format. I see sometimes when I change my selections, it also changes...should I physically make the Expressions the sorting order?

Maybe there is a better way of doing this? Maybe even give the user to see the 'difference' in either % or actual amount?

All help will be appreciated.


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