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Visualizing SUMs calculated by Set Analysis


Dear all,

I need to visualize the negative and positive differences between the first column and columns 2,3,4. I managed to extract the positive and negative differences with "if(Column(1)<Column(2),Column(1) - Column(2))" as you can see in the screenshot above.

I now would like to visualize the sums of differences (+/-) over the the dimension P201102, P201103, P201104 ignoring the Dimension MOTBAUR. Unfortunately these columns are calulated via set Analysis so i don't have a dimension i can use in the graph.

What would be the way to achieve this?

Thank you.



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Re: Visualizing SUMs calculated by Set Analysis

Hi Andreas,

There are multiple options, but would a total row at the bottom not give you the expected answer?

Otherwise the following two options would work I guess:

- create a set analysis for the new expression which ignores MOTBAUR (e.g. using MOTBOUR =  in the set analysis)

- create a extra object without the MOTBAUR dimension

Kind regards,


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