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Waterfall Chart

Hi geniuses,

I want to create a waterfall chart for a platform which has several BU something like below imagewaterfall.JPG.jpg

in this YTD budget can be calculated as sum(Budget)

Actual can be calculated as sum(Actual)

and now I want variance calculated as actual - budget and this variance should be in between budget and actual and is calculated with respect to all the business unit in this platform and also those BU is in form of waterfall



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Re: Waterfall Chart

Have a look at a thread regarding waterfall,

Waterfall and changed behaviour of the Total function in QV11

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Re: Waterfall Chart

Its not working as I want the YTD Budget and YTD Actuals at the two extremes of the chart

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Re: Waterfall Chart

You would not do offsets for the YTD Budget or YTD Actual, for the items in between, you would offset by the columns before, so for example

Offset for BU/Sector 1:  Column(1)

Offset for BU/Sector 2: Column(1)+Column(2)

Offset for BU/Sector 3: Column(1) + Column(2) + Column(3)


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