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Weekly Average of summed fields help

Below I am trying to sum 6 different fields and then get a weekly average for the time frame I have filtered for.  I need help because my result is just the sum of the 6 fields.  The Thursday field in my dashboard is the same as Week Ending.  What I am scripting wrong in my expression?  This expression is used in a straight table.  Any help would be greatly appreciated!



([Discount_Card/ReferralCount])+Sum([Group_ADD/ReferralCount])+Sum([Child_Safe/ReferralCount])+Sum([Child_Safe_Kit/ReferralCount])+ Sum([Individual_ADD/ReferralCount])+ Sum([Internet_Surfin_Guide/ReferralCount])/(count(distinct Thursday))

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Weekly Average of summed fields help


maybe it's just a typo in this forum post, but I would have expected to see brackets enclosing the 6 sums, then the sum of sums divided by the count of distinct Thursdays.

If it is just a typo, I don't have a real idea of what is going on, maybe some sample data might help here.



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