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Width of chart with Multiple Dimensions

I am having an issue with resizing the width of charts with multiple dimensions.

Here is an example of both dimensions showing correctly:

1-29-2016 1-27-42 PM.jpg

However, in similar chart, I cannot see the dimension highlighted in yellow unless I expand the wide more than I want to. Even playing around with resizing using CTRL + SHIFT does not fix it. Any ideas?

1-29-2016 1-34-20 PM.jpg

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Re: Width of chart with Multiple Dimensions

I think you have to go to the presentation tab and limit the quantity of bar you want to show.Capture.PNG

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Re: Width of chart with Multiple Dimensions

I'm not sure I phrased my issue correctly. The issue is the Width of the chart. The Business Days dimension (highlighted in yellow) is not showing up in the bottom chart unless I make the chart wider than I want.

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