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Y axis (large negative number)

I have a stacked bar graph which is using the year as dimension:

Year 2010 through Year 2013 all have bars that total  15%-20%.

However the year 2014 total is -89%.

Because of the limited size I have for the object it is jamming the 2010-2013 at the top and not even showing the data values, but the

-89% total bars for 2014 are showing fine,

I messed with the Static Min/max and can't get it to help. Isn't there a smooth way to handle when you have large discrepencies in graph data points? I thought there was some way to almost split your graph to account for large negatives?

Thanks in advance

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Re: Y axis (large negative number)

Take off forced 0 in the axes menu for the graph and see if that helps

Edit: Also using the log scale option may help


Re: Y axis (large negative number)


Or split it into two expressions:

Positive values:

Sum(RangeMax(Sales, 0))

Negative values:

Sum(RangeMin(Sales, 0))

Put the second expression on different axis using split or right axis.



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Re: Y axis (large negative number)

Why is the negative value so disturbing? It's the reality. Numbers can't lie . Best Practices in data vizualizations and I wouls suggest to let it as it is and let the user plays. If the user want to focus on the positive number, he will made the selection manually.... then the chart scale will adjust automatically.


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Re: Y axis (large negative number)

Please see if you can post  a sample data set.

You can create another expression just to hold the values and show it in the graph.


Re: Y axis (large negative number)

Michael -

I don't mind the large negative numbers the problems is it is smashing the positive values to the top of the chart and you can't even see the data vales because the large negative bar is taking up all the real estate on the y axis.


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