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automatically romve last document state

Is there a way to automatically "remove last document state" everytime the user opens or closes a document from the access point.

Our dashboards are setup to give a one view for all users so we want any selections, cyclic changes or column movements to go back to default everytime the user opens (or closes) the document. This needs to work in both the IE plugin or the Java version in QV11.

Thanks for any help!

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Re: automatically romve last document state

Disable the option Session Recovery in the QMC. Note that this is a global setting. It's either on or off for all documents.

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Re: automatically romve last document state

Thanks for responding so quickly.

Thanks for the suggestion Gysbert but I tried that. It seems to work in the IE plugin version but we are considering moving away from that version and trying to use the "Full Browser"/Java version.

Your suggestion works ok when the user makes data selections but it doesn't work if the user moves a column or changes the cyclic and then closes the browser. When the user reopens the document the column is still moved and the cyclic is still changed.