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buttons' behavior (don't clear existing selections, anytime)

I have two buttons their actions are

Select in Field

  Field: DimensionName

  Search String: DescriptionOfOneDimension

They both select as intended.

The problem is when there is a list of sections made using other dimension within that sheet, one of the button will add itself to the existing selection.  The second button click will clear the stack of the Current Selection having its dimension value by itself.  It is almost likely because the second button is from the same dimension, it had to clear the prior "Search String", but, inadvertently clearing entire Current Selections before adding itself.

How can the buttons be consistently add to (or replace the value when from the same dimension) the Current Sections without clearing the existing Current Selections?

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I don't really understand the question, but maybe "toggle select" would be part of the solution. That's one of the available actions.

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I got it.

the Current Selections got clear because the butt pick on something very narrow which has no association with others.

haha.  it's been a long day.


Hi Ben,

My congratulations!

In such cases I used to test the actions I assign to buttons (or text boxes) by hands this helps to understand states of data at each situation.

Best regards,


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is there a function to return the value of the state?

i'm trying to use the return value to disable the button; there is no association, button grey out become inactive.


Not sure what you mean by the value of the state. Do you want to know if the current DimensionName has DescriptionOfOneDimension as a possible value? If not, the button should be disabled? That way the button would never clear other selections?

I'm still very unclear what you mean in your original post, like if DimensionName and DescriptionOfOneDimension are variables, say. Or if they're actually fields and that's actually the value. Or something else.

If they're just regular old fields and values, maybe something like this.


If they're variables, maybe something like this.


Unverified. Possible syntax or other errors.