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calling expressions in other expressions?

Hey guys. I have a few expressions in a straight table that I'm making...

I have 2-4 expressions in the chart. These expressions are based off of "questions", which are in the labels of the expression. The first question is the general question, then the next one digs down, and so on. I'll put it in a hypothetical example:

Expression 1:

Label: "How many apples does the store have?

Definition: count ( { <Store = {'Bert's Store'} > }  if ( Fruit = 'Apple' or 'Fuji Apple') , 1))

Expression 2:

Label: "Of those apples, which ones are green, and not bruised?"

Expression 3:

Label: "Of those green, non-bruised apples, which ones are under $1.00?"

So, my question is: is there a way to call to the results of an expression? Like, instead of me writing out more and more complex queries, isn't there a way to just say something like "take the results from expression 1, and also 'apple = green', and 'condition = not bruised'? And then "take the results from expression 2, and also 'price < $1.00"?

Obviously these aren't the actual expressions, but rest assured, mine are fairly complex, and almost impossible to do if I can't figure this out.

Thanks guys!

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Re: calling expressions in other expressions?


     Find the attachment.

     Chang the variable value from the list of possible values from list box and see the difference.

     Hope this will help.


Kaushik Solanki

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