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display zero or null in a chart

I'm looking to create a bar chart similar to a mini chart in that I'm limited in space for adding descriptions or values. The chart shows volume by day of the week. When choosing a sub-set of days (for example only weekends) the chart shows the two bars for Saturday and Sunday. I would like the chart to keep a placeholder for Monday through Friday and show the Saturday & Sunday values. Is this possible?

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Re: display zero or null in a chart

Can you post the sample?

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Re: display zero or null in a chart

I would add weekday() to your load script so each date has a weekday. You might already be doing this.



    Weekday(Date) as Weekday,



Once you have a "day" associated with each Volume you want,

Create a chart where the dimension is calculated:


And the measure compares your Weekday to these values

=sum(if(ValueList('Mon','Tue','Wed','Thu','Fri','Sat','Sun') = Weekday, Volume,0))

By separating the dimension (which essentially creates each "bar") and the expression (which gives the bar it's height), the chart will always show the dimensions because your selections won't affect them.

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Re: display zero or null in a chart

have a look at the attached sample.

hope this helps

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Re: display zero or null in a chart

I had an identical problem, this website gave me a good solution: Show Me the Zeros

The idea is to create an "=Only({$<Other Dimensions>}Dimension)" expression in your chart that doesn't have anything checked under the "Display Options". This will put values on the expression which forces Qlikview to show the dimensions.

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