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expression group cycle control disappears

I observe the following problem.   Start with a bar chart with an expression group.  In the expression group, if one of the expressions yields a NULL series of values (either through filters or by the nature of the data present in the model) and the user cycles onto that NULL series expression, then the cycle control disappears from the chart.

To demonstrate, use this to create the data model:







Then create a bar chart with f1 as the dimension and with an expression group with these three expressions:

  • sum(f2)
  • sum(f2)/sum(f3)
  • sum(f2)/sum(f4)

At this point, you can cycle through the expressions with no problem.

Now, filter your selection for f1 to  "a" and "b".   At this point when you cycle to "sum(f2)/sum(f4)", the cycle control will disappear.  I believe it disappears because the "sum(f2)/sum(f4)" series of values are all NULLs once the said selection is made.

Having the series on the chart be all NULLs, I understand that there is nothing to display for that series in the chart.  However, having the cycle control disappear renders the chart unusable by the end user.   This "disappearing control" behavior (bug?) I would like to know how to avoid.

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expression group cycle control disappears


I think its a bug becoz its working fine in my case. When I cycle to F2/f4 then cyclic moves to top from bottom.

I am using QV 9  SR5.

Try this


And go to Presentation tab --> Remove tick mark from Suppress zero values (botton of the tab).

I hope this helps you.

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expression group cycle control disappears

You are correct.  I see the same thing in the example I gave now that I am paying better attention.

To make the cycle control disappear, add another expression (I used sum(f2)) not in the cycle group above the cycle group.  That should trigger the problem (remember so have just "a" and "b" filtered so the series is all NULLs).  I think I was seeing this in QV9 as well as QV10.

Also I just found that if I put the expression group above the other expression, the control does not disappear.  It only disappears when the non-expression group expresion comes first, followed by the expression group.

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