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field names in the Set analisys

Good morning everyone.

I calculate an expression taking only the data related to a selected year through the list box.

I used the set analisys in this way:

sum ({} <year ={2013}> M1)

everything is working properly

Now I would not directly enter the year but would like to recover the year from a field called AnnoSel (managed by list box)

I tried to select AnnoSel 2013 to write the formula

sum ({} <year ={'AnnoSel'}> M1)

esperessione but I do not return any results.

would know someone show me how to use the field names in the Set analisys?


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Re: field names in the Set analisys

You can try this: sum ({ <year ={'=year=AnnoSel'}>} M1 ). But intra-record comparisons are tricky because the set is calculated for the entire chart, not per row. See this document for more information: set_analysis_intra-record.qvw

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Re: field names in the Set analisys


you can try this

sum ({<year =p(AnnoSel)>} M1)


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