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function with parameters in botton

I need to create a function with parameters that are run when clickingon a button, the idea is

function detalleActiva (mihoja)

====> MACRO

          if ActiveDocument.Variables("v_muestra_ventas").GetContent.String="1" then

                         ActiveDocument.ActivateSheetByID (mihoja)



                         ActiveDocument.ActivateSheetByID (mihoja)

          end if

end function


detalleActiva ("SH04")

how can i execute this function in the clic botton???

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function with parameters in botton

I hope there's an easier way, but you could have the first action of the button set a variable, and then retrieve the value of the variable in the macro.  Even it that works, though, I believe that tecnically it could fail, because on machines with parallel processors, I don't believe QlikView guarantees the order of execution of the actions.

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