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line and bar chart when merged


I would like to have these 2 charts merged but when I place the 2 expressions in the chart, the lines get weird (2nd pic)

I was thinking that it should be plot as still 3 distinct lines

any assistance is much appreciated.

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Re: line and bar chart when merged

Hi Grace,

I don't think these two charts can be combined into one, because of the two dimensions that you have. If you could tweak your chart into a single-dimensional chart by Quarter (each Service would have to be a separate Expression then), - that would make it possible.

Alternatively, as a work-around, you can try to overlay two separate charts with transparent backgrounds, but that's a bit tricky... You''ll have to ensure exactly the same placement of your dimensional values and to suppress some of the texts with transparent backgrounds.


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Re: line and bar chart when merged


Thank you for confirming that it is not possible, much appreciated.

Will do them as 2 charts side by side.



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Re: line and bar chart when merged

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