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pie chart colours


I'd like to create a nice visualization with dynamic colours on a pie chart. I'd like a pie chart segment to pop up.

My idea is to make it by combining two charts (to put one chart upon the other).

Thus, unselected segments of the first chart must be transparent.

You can see my idea in the attached file: example2.pptx.

I'm using the expression for color:

if( Product = Product,color(FieldIndex('Product',[Product])),argb(0,255,255,255) bitand rgb(255,255,255))

But I can't gueess to make the color of unselected segments not white BUT transparent. see the attached file: circle.qvw.

Are there any ideas?

Thank you in advance,


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Re: pie chart colours


in order to get trasparency you can set the parameter alpha to 0, for example white(0) will give total trasparency.

This solution works fine for Bar chart, but I see there are some problems with pie chart...



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