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"Time Dimension based on a user-defined selection

Dear all,

I have to design a line chart to track the global trend in terms of revenues of a list of projects

My first dimension is time, the second one is Project description (I need a line for each project).

The hard comes since I am requested to create a kind of dynamic chart:

- the user will select a single period (YearMonth)

- the selection made will determine the related value of revenues

- the user will have to determine the time range of the chart (min: selected period less x months; max:selected period plus y months)

- revenues will have to remain constantly equal to the value of the selected period all over this fictional time range, unless the project has ended or not started yet (I am given the start and the end date as well)

I am considering to use a couple of input boxes to let the user choose the time range.

Any idea??

I attach a visual rendering of the issue (the yellow line indicates the selected period)

Many thanks!

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Re: "Time Dimension based on a user-defined selection

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Re: "Time Dimension based on a user-defined selection

Dear Manish,

thank you for your useful tips, which are a good starting point.

By the way, those suggestions don't help me in:

- having sum(Revenues) as expression and all the other issues I have described in my post

- having a variable time range by user selection

Do you have any idea on how to manage those points??



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