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radial bar chart / bars in radar chart ?


For the visualization of a windrose graph, I am looking for options to create something similar in Qlikview. Is there any more or less easy way to generate something imilar to this: http://wiki.originlab.com/~originla/howto/index.php?title=Tutorial:Windrose_Graph or that http://www.mathworks.com/matlabcentral/fileexchange/17748-windrose.

Best regards,


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radial bar chart / bars in radar chart ?

Hi Jonas,

Did you find a solution to creating a windrose in QlikView? I'd like to do the same thing.




radial bar chart / bars in radar chart ?

Hi Jonas

I spent some time developing a wind rose chart extension for Eric. Let me know if you still have this requirement.



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Re: radial bar chart / bars in radar chart ?

Hi Lee,

I have a requeriment in which will be useful the WindRose chart, how can I do it?



Re: radial bar chart / bars in radar chart ?

Hi There

Have you installed an extension object before? Just download the files from the posting on community. Double click on the .qar file and that will install the extension object to your desktop client. Then you need some data to analyse. Take a look at the READ ME FIRST file, as it will explain the type of data you will need in your QlikView application.

Once you have created a QlikView application with suitable data, switch to web view (under the View menu). Extension objects only work in web mode or when accessed with a browser client via QlikView server. The right click the sheet, select New Sheet Object, and select the Extension Objects bar at the bottom of the resulting dialog. You should see Wind Rose chart there. Drag the object onto the sheet and configure the properties according to the READ ME FIRST file.

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