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refreshing objects all the time


Why sheet objects are refreshed each time I move a field or making any change of any object properties, whatever I do, all the sheet objects, tables, charts are refreshed and this behaviour spends too much time because it seems that refresh the objects like there were all the possible rows without selections even I made selections to get only a few rows in the charts.

I don´t want to refresh all the objects without making new selections.

Someone knows how to solve this problem?

Thank you, regards.

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Re: refreshing objects all the time

This is very annoying, specially in huge qvws.

I hope there is a solution for this



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Re: refreshing objects all the time

Yes, that´s my problem, I´m using conditionals, sums instead counts, the things needed to reduce millions of rows to a few hundred at most but all of this is useless while this refresh thing happend...

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Re: refreshing objects all the time

Does any one have a solution for this?

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Re: refreshing objects all the time

Does anyone found a solution?

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Re: refreshing objects all the time

Hello Jose/Erich/Juan/Phaneendra,

   We actually do not have any control over it. May be Qlikview engine determines the Click/Qlik and recalculates all the values of objects by refreshing it. He does not understand what object must have touched and hence it does it for all.

What best I can recommend you is that De-attach rest of the objects while performing such activity.

This would be helpful and it will save lot of time.



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