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selected the range

Dear all

i can create two varible  Vupperlimit,Vlowerlimit

user have to enter the range  through input box         lowerlimit    upperlimit

                                                                                    1                         6  

the data should in  the range only in  any table.

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Re: selected the range


We can do this through Dimension Limits in a property page.

Re: selected the range


Please check attached file.

Re: selected the range


Try like this


Re: selected the range

I used the csv file attached.

Created variables vLowerLimit and vUpperLimit.

Created input box & added those variables.

Created Straight table using ID as dimension

Expression as =Sum({<ID={">=$(vLowerLimit)<=$(vUpperLimit)"}>} Sales)

It works for me.

Also for selected field based report check this link


and see the reports tab. Same file you can find in ur installation path.

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