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set analysis not working,

I have an expression for set analysis,

numericcount({< DISCHARGE_DATE = {'>=$(=Date(Start_dt))<=$(=Date(End_dt))'} >} DISCHARGE_DATE) which is not working if the data is retrieved from oracle,

the same expression i implemented with the data extracted from sql server, I cant understand whats the difference in here. Any help would be appreciated. Do i need to change something or make any settings.

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set analysis not working,

How are you loading data? I mean please load your data according qlikview syntax ( i.e. Preceding load). It helps you even if you change your DB.

For example:

Load A, B;

Select A,B from DB.Table1;

Hope it helps you.

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set analysis not working,

Still i could not make it work, did all the possibilities. Any other idea.

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Re: set analysis not working,

Can you check in which format the dates are there for the fields DISCHARGE_DATE, Start_dt , End_dt. If they are not in same format, make them to look in same format in chart or load script itself.

For eg:




Still your problem is not able to resolve. Please attach two sample files one with sql data one with oracle data.

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