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static vs dynamic count

Dear All,

How if we want to count dynamic expression ?

I would like to "identify" city that has sales more than variable numbers, let say : if sales more than 150, i would like to color it red ( we can do it in tab visual cues properties )

So, after i did some setting in visual cue tab, the city new york, miami are getting red.

How if i collapse the country dimension ? how if i want to put "2" to the dynamic expression column ? ( the dynamic expression column for england will become 0, and will become 1 if the variable-parameter changed from 150 to 100, etc )

the "150" ( threshold of sales ) is a variable parameter...

any suggestion ?

thx in advance

( sorry for my bad english-typing )

country ( dimension )
dynamic expression
New York200

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Re: static vs dynamic count

Don't understood clearly from your explanation.

Can you please elaborate little more?

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Re: static vs dynamic count

thx for the reply

what i meant : if the data in "expand all", i easily can identify which row should be notified ( by visual cue tab )

but, if i do collapse ( to the dimension country ), i would like to "notify" the records by summary/count of row numbers

Re: static vs dynamic count

Use below in expression for dynamic expression


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