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thousands symbol in QV9


Just installed QV9 (client and server).
When i open a model from QV8.5 all graph that where in thousands now showing axes in thousands but bars values in original number (e.g. 5,500 in the axis and 5,500,000 on the bar).

Anyone encountered that? know how to fix it?


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thousands symbol in QV9


The numbers over the bars respect the Field format. It doesn´t match the axis format.

The axis format is configurated in Properties>Numbers.

See this post for a solution:


Best Regards,


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thousands symbol in QV9

Hi Fernando,

First of all, thanks.

What you suggest seems to be the easy solution.

But I'm trying to understand why in QV8.5 both axis and bars values where affected by thousands symbol in the expression number settings, and now only the axis is affected.

Have i missed something or something is changes in QV?

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