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trend chart expression error


I'm creating a trend chart, and have 5 months as the dimension. For the expression, I'm trying to find the amount of open or closed incidents, given by the variable "[Incident Status]" and only looking at the closed or open ones. I am using "Count([Incident Status])" to try to get the values, but it is giving me the count total and placing it for each month. How can I get the count of the incidents for that month to show. Thank you.

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Re: trend chart expression error

Hi Daniel,

Tough to answer without seeing your data, can you attach an example? If it's giving you the total over 5 months in each month, it sounds like your dates aren't linked properly. Are you using an island calendar? If this were the case, you'd need something like this:

sum(if (IslandDate = DateField, [Incident Status]))


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Re: trend chart expression error

If Incident Status is a variable, that is the reason. You didn't say how Incident Status is defined. I think you might want to create and Incident Status field in script. When you use that field in the expression, the chart should aggregate the count for the months.

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