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variable in text box

Hi all

i have a variable that contains an expression, the output of that expression is a character...

now i want to show the output of that variable in text box but i want to calculate it over a particular value of the time dimension..

it is right to calculate it like this ? = only({$<year = {'2014'}>} $(variable))

thanks, Loris

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Re: variable in text box

what is the definition of $(variable)?

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Re: variable in text box

if(($(mcc_rating_a)+$(mcc_rating_b)+$(mcc_rating_c)+$(mcc_rating_d)) >=9,


     if(($(mcc_rating_a)+$(mcc_rating_b)+$(mcc_rating_c)+$(mcc_rating_d))  >=7,






Re: variable in text box


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Re: variable in text box


in Text box write like

=if(year='2014' , $(variable))

make sure that it shoud be a single value

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Re: variable in text box

the expressionas i wrote it ( = only({ $<year = {'2014'}>} $(variable)) ) works...

my question is if it is a good way (through the only function) to achieve that result  or if there is a better (more efficent) way...

or when i have to use the only function and when not

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