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Setup two Servers with one license key ?

Hello Community,

Can anyone help me out with best optimal way ? I have two servers, 'Server A' which is old one with 250 GB RAM and 'Server B' which is new one with 650 GB RAM. Server A operates on Qlikview Server 11.2 SR 13 and 'Server B' operates on Qlikview Server 12.1 SR 7.

My requirements:

1. Can both of these work on single license that was on 'Server A'.

2. I want all my reloads on 'Server A' and Access point on 'Server B', so that all hardware resource of 'Server B' would be used when a user access the application.   

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Re: Setup two Servers with one license key ?

One licence-key could be only used once at the same time. This meant you would need to stop at first the services on one server and could then start them on the other and vise versa which is only a workaround for some quick testings but not suitable for sensible development- or production-environments.

- Marcus

Re: Setup two Servers with one license key ?

  1. No (see Marcus' explanation - only one server can be active at a time with the same license)
  2. Only Server B will stay on-line after migrating and testing? For help migrating a v11.xx server to v12, see: QlikView 11.20 - 12.10 Upgrade Overview  For help moving your tasks and configurations to another machine, see "Migration to a New Machine" at the bottom of Upgrade and Migration ‒ QlikView



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