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Absolute path problems in opendoc.htm for QVAjaxZfc

Hello all,

I have a need to modify the opendoc.htm file, for the AJAX client, to change the absolute path for the .css, .png and .js files.  Currently paths for all those resources start with /QVAjaxZfc/. For reasons beyond my control, I need to change that.  Specifically, I either need to add a folder to the beginning of that path, or I need to change QVAjaxZfc to all lower-case.  I need to do this because there is a proxy between the server and the users that directs requests to multiple servers in our environment, and is specifically looking for patterns in the URL to choose which server to send the request to.  I'm being told, for some reason, the proxy rules only support lower case pattern matching (really??), and I'm stuck with trying to make things work with an all-lower case rule.

Question #1: If I modify that source, am I opening up myself to more problems elsewhere/later.  If that file is overwritten later by a patch/hotfix, I'm assuming all changes will be lost, unless there is somewhere else that I can change the paths globally.

Question #2: Are there any other source files that have hard-coded absolute paths that I would need to change for the AJAX client to work. The QvAjax.js file comes to mind.  Am I missing anything else?

Thanks in advance!


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Absolute path problems in opendoc.htm for QVAjaxZfc


Paths to that folders are stored as well in the Config.xml in the Web Server directory within the C:\ProgramData\QlikTech folder, and you can change the values in the QEMC/QMC going to System, Setup, QlikView Web Servers, Web tab. You can configure your new path to those files to folders in your hard disk written lowercase, copying and pasting the already existing folders into the new one.

Hope that helps.


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