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Access Point export large data sets to Excel

We have an issue with a client (running QV11 sr1) where users get disconnected when exporting large data sets from Access Point. Their theory is that Qlikview tries to export to Excel 2003 and hits the row limitation. Then it re-runs the query and sends it to an .aspx file that has a much higher row limitation. Because it takes a while to generate, users get disconnected from Access Point.  We are attempting to find a way to alter the behavior and change the default to Excel 2010.

Can anyone tell me the step-by-step process that Qlikview uses to export data to Excel? Does Qlikview generate the spreadsheet on the Client?

We would like to control “where” the file is generated – preferably on the server and then send to the user’s desktop.

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Hi Wendy,

Are you using the IE Plugin client or the Ajax Client?

I saw there was a bug in QV11 SR1 related to "slow exports to excel" that was supposedly corrected for SR2 so that might be a thing to check into (it was listed in the release notes).

From how I understand the excel exports, the IE Plugin generates the export client side while the Ajax client triggers the server to generate the xls file in a folder on the server and then push the link to the client once done.


The spreadsheet is first created on the server and then moved to the client. However, this was not designed for large amount of data and the amount of data will vary based on your environment. You can add the below to the QVS settings.ini file to tell when to change over to CVS and that might help you..The default is 65500 and you would have to add it. I would set it low so it will start off as CVS..

[Settings 7]



Bill - Designated Support Engineer at Qlik
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Hello Johannes,

I believe they are using Ajax.  I tested with both and the IE Plug In does work much better exporting larger data sets.  I tested up to 180,000+ rows.  Thank you for the confirmation, it is helpful.


Thank you Bill,

I will test that setting.



Are you using conditional expressions?  if so, this may help you - http://community.qlik.com/message/271454#271454


Contributor III
Contributor III

Don't change RowLimitForCsvInsteadOfXls on server site.

Change it in the advanced setting from the Qlikview client.

This will work than for only that Qlikview with the IE-plugin.



Where do I find Advanced Settings on the client?

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Access users mainly export the database to the excel sheet. For step by step process you can check the following link: http://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Access-To-Excel-Converter-00660936

By this solution you can get step by step process steps for exporting database to excel.