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AccessPoint Down After v10 Upgarde

I hope someone can shed some light on this situation:

I've recently upgraded Enterprise Server from v9 SR7 to v10 SR3, no problems at all; all reloads working, 'Open In Server' is fine and all the settings appear to have transfererd - However when I try to log onto the AccessPoint I get a Http 404 error??

No settings have been changed on the server around firewall permissions etc, I could access it prior to the upgrade and it's down even via 'localhost' from teh box itself.

Any ideas greatly appreciated.

All the best,


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AccessPoint Down After v10 Upgarde

I'm having very similar issues with SR3.

For some users it works, and others it doesn't..

If it try to go direct to a document using the IE plugin, it doesn't work.. If I go to the access point, first, then the link starts to work again..

More info here: http://community.qlik.com/message/141078#141078

Hope someone can shed some light on this

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