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AccessPoint slow to display dashboards after QVS reboot

Hi gurus

Environment :

2 X clustered QlikView 10 SR4 servers

3 X QlikView 10 SR4 Access Points running on IIS 7.5

Problem :

After a reboot of the QVS servers it will take 19 seconds to log onto each of the Access Points after that.

After performing some investigation with Qliktech we have discovered that the w3wp.exe (IIS worker process) holds the connection to the QVS open even though the server has been rebooted. This is due to the application pool worker process idle timeout being set to 20 minutes.

When the QVS is rebooted and another login has been initiated from the AccessPoint this will force the tcp connection held open by the worker process to the QVS to timeout (19 seconds) and logins will be immediate as before.

The only way to solve this is to recycle to application pool on each of the AccessPoints after the QVS servers are rebooted.

Is it possible to setup IIS in a 'web garden' configuration with multiple worker processes so the single worker process is not a bottleneck ?

Has anyone came across this before ? I am currently working with Qliktech to solve but just wanted to know if anyone else had a similar problem ?


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