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Accesspoint is showing wrong "next reload" time in QV9 SR6

Hi everyone.

I'm having a bit of a problem with the "next reload" time in accesspoint. When "View" is set to Thumbnails all the times are correctly.

However, when I change the view to "Details" and expand one of the entries in the list, the "next reload" time is off by one hour. According to the QV9 SR2 change logs this should be fixed (Bug "23534 Last reloaded and next reload in Access Point not showing correctly") but apparently it isn't..

Can anyone reproduce this problem or does anyone have experience with this problem? I should note that all other time stamps are correct, both in QEMC and in the application itself. It's just this one label, "next reload", that is causing confusion. Considering I'm GMT +1 normally (Sweden) it might be that it's using GMT instead.

Thanks in advance!

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