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Ajax ZFC "You don't have access to this document" problem


I have created an AJAX ZFC client page from a very simple app.

I have deployed it on a QV Web Server 9.0.7440.8 (64bit)

Server is MS Windows Server 2003 R2 SP2 (64 bit)

My problem is that I get "Failed to open document, You don't have access to this document."

And this must come from this javascript-code in the generated default.htm file:

<pre> var qva = new Qva.PageBinding();
qva.View = "demo/test_gk1.qvw";
qva.Autoview = "";
new Qva.Scanner(qva);
qva.OnUpdateComplete = function () { qva.SetNewSheet(); }
new Qva.Modal();

So the file "demo/test_gk1.qvw" is found, but something will not give the webserver user access to it.

My QVS Security settings are:
error loading image

My QVWS AccessPoint settings are:
error loading image

The NTFS Security settings for the Demo folder
is set so all users has at least read permissions for the folder and all files inside, including the Demo\test_gk1.qvw.

Does anyone have a clue to what I am missing?

Note that
  • there is no IIS installed on the server, (if that would make any difference...)
  • the generated default.htm is found correctly, and that the test_gk1.qvw is found but can't be accessed