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Authentication issue (CUSTOM TYPE)

Hi All,

    I am testing with the ticketing method to open a QVW but I found that in QV11, seems unable to open the report directly (in QV10, I can). It prompts me to logon but no matter which ID I used, I am still unable to logon. Screen as below


I created an CUSTOM account and it works perfect if I access the Access Point and click on the report, but cannot go to the report direct.

My Setup is as follow:


Is it QV11 no longer allow us to access a specific report directly ?

The is the HTTP request that I send to QVS:



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Re: Authentication issue (CUSTOM TYPE)

Thorugh access point itself is not working for me. How are you giving your username via access point?

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Re: Authentication issue (CUSTOM TYPE)

I tested 2 ways:

1) Define my own CUSTOM user (in my case, the user ID is abcde). Then I submit the getticket action:

http://Server/QVAJAXZfc/GetWebTicket.aspx?cmd=<Global method='GetWebTicket'><UserId>Custom\abcde</UserId></Global>

And a ticket return.

Then submit:


User ID should be given in the first getticket action and I believe QVS remember this User ID is associated with this ticket and will give authorization to this User ID.

2) Use the existing AD ID and doing the same as above, it can display the Access Point without any problem. But when I selected one of the reports, it prompts for login ID again just like the case I describe above. But different behaviour is even I clicked 'CANCEL" and "fail to authenticate" message is returned, but I am still able to open the report. Currently, we are thinking if this is due to the Windows securty setup.


Re: Authentication issue (CUSTOM TYPE)


Read through this and see if the information will help you any.


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Re: Authentication issue (CUSTOM TYPE)

Hi Bill,

Where did you get this doc from ? I couldn't find it on the partner portal Is there some "secret" place with such material ? ;-)



Re: Authentication issue (CUSTOM TYPE)

Hi David,

I am not sure where I got this at. I grab and keep everything I can find like this.


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