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Backup solution required - how do you do that?


I am currently responsible for the company-wide rollout of QlikView, there are about 30 apps (some made by myself, some by a colleague)

=> Going forward, we will "go Germany" with QlikView which means there's eventually going to be a lot more apps.

=> That, of course, makes a professional backup_solution a necessity.

Currently, what we do (we do have an official corporate_backup, but that involves saving stuff on a streamer in town about 8km from here, so it takes 3d until a file is restored - and you're lucky if it's the right one and works), is basically just copying apps from our working_directory (or from the "live_directory") in another directory and deleting all working_data from the apps, which usually makes them a lot smaller.

<=> this is already quite difficult to do on a regular basis (well, it's not technically difficult, but I guess you know what I mean) - it's going to be even more so when we (currently, me and my colleague, hopefully more going forward) are responsible for several branches' apps.

Can anybody suggest anything (I would be thinking of a batch_job to copy everything ending on *.qvw (and not starting with "Version...") from Dir_A to Dir_B (our "backup" directory), open every one of those apps and triggering the "delete all values" from the main menu - but there might be better options)?

Thank you!

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Re: Backup solution required - how do you do that?


You might want to run your documents in QlikView Publisher with a Loop and Reduce function. One can distribute documents and split them up based on data fields. In your case you would have a field that has two options, one viewing non-sensitive data, and one with sensitive data (which I assume is what you mean with "delete all values"). Then you can grab the copy of these files you want through your batch job.

Best regards,

Erik Gustafsson

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MVP & Luminary

Re: Backup solution required - how do you do that?

Hi DataNibbler,

there a several possibilities:

- windows shadow copies (you could immediately restore)

- synchronization from apps and data per robcopy

- copy per batches or robocopy (with timestamp ?) and then a batch-reload with /nodata

- export from script, modul, layout ... per macro

- using from prj-folder

- 3rd party products (AW:Archivierung und Versionierung)

- ....

I think you will always need to combine some possibilities. I use points 1,2,4 from these list but I think point 3 is very interesting.

- Marcus

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Re: Backup solution required - how do you do that?


there is another way I just think about: We once experimented with document_chaining and passing information to the new document by way of selections in an inline_table (that information should, in the new document, trigger a macro).

[sorry, that fired too early]

I could use that in this case by

- building an "umbrella app" with links to every app

- passing an info in the form of a selection

- in the apps, use that to trigger an "EXIT SCRIPT" in the script - not sure about that - can selections (passed from another qvw in
   document_chaining) be evaluated that early?

   => that way, if it works, QV would always start reloading and first of all delete all data - then it would encounter the "EXIT SCRIPT"

<=> but that would only lead me halfway, I would then still have to copy all the apps to the backup_directory - but that might be done by a batch_job the like of rsync or robocopy ... if IT will let me use such a thing.

Well, there are a few other things to do before that becomes relevant.