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Broken Links in the Access Point

Hi All,

I was wondering if anyone had an issue about broken links in the access point.

I made an upgrade from version 9 to version 11 and everthing is working fine with the exeption of the Access Point links. If the user try to open an application from the access point using the IE Plugin this will work fine, but if a user try to open it using the Ajax view the links will not work.

I run some tests and and create manually some links pointing to an QV Application (example: http://qlikviewServer/QvAJAXZfc/opendoc.htm?document=Test.qvw) and using this kind of link I am able to open the application using the Ajax client.

Any clue about what can be? Could this be a bug in the upgrade process?

(Tip: If you are looking to upgrade to Qlikview 11 be aware that the migration of the schedulling could not happen as expected. Be prepared to redefine your schedulles rules. I think the main issue is due to spaces in the name of the files that are schedulle, my guess is a bug when the files are being parsed.)

Many thanks.



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Broken Links in the Access Point

Hi VR,

this sounds really strange. Is the Ajax client enabled properly for your files in QEMC?

Otherwise I would take a closer look at your browser.


Re: Broken Links in the Access Point


Yap the Ajax client is enabled but when the accesspoint javascript runs (that creates the grid with the QV App) it does not generate the link properly. It creates a link like : http://localhost/qlikview/index.htm#. Instead of the # we should have the ajax link.

I had made a fresh install now and I still getting the same issue..



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Broken Links in the Access Point

Hi there

we had the exact same problem.

For us, the cause was that the "Preferred Client" for the user was set to Internet Explorer plugin, but the document was not enabled for Internet Explorer plugin access (only Full Browser).

Solution either of three things:

1) User actively goes to favourites/profile and sets Preferred Client to Full Browser

2) In QEMS - System - QlikView Web Servers - AccessPoint, the default preferred client is changed to Full Browser and Small Device Version

3) The document is enabled for Internet explorer plugin

We didn't want our users to have to do anything and our document does not work correctly with the IE plugin, so we had to choose solution (2).



Broken Links in the Access Point

Yes, the links have changed since version 9. The best way to get the link is to open what you want in the accesspoint and then copy the link. Here is what it should look link for version 10 & 11


Bill - Designated Support Engineer at Qlik
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