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Changing QV user in Access Point


we have a user , whose credentials are limited.

On the other side, we have qvadmin user with wide credentials.

The user with limited credentials can't login with the qvadmin user to Access Point, as it remembers his previous login and logins him automatically.

How we change it, so it would ask him to enter his credentials?



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Re: Changing QV user in Access Point

What kind of script you are providing for Section Access


Re: Changing QV user in Access Point


Try like this

Shift + Right mouse click on the Internet Explorer icon and click on

Run as Different User option.

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Re: Changing QV user in Access Point

Hi Inna,

It is your Browser cache issue. clear & close your browser or perform the following, If you are using IE or Chrome

IE -> Internet options -> security -> (Select internet/intranet/trusted sites, which ever is applicable for your site) -> custom level -> user authentication -> Logon: Prompt for user name and password.

If you are not able to find the site level, do it on all three.

This setting will prompt for the user name and password, every time, so that you can key in the required credentials.



Re: Changing QV user in Access Point

Are you planning to circumvent established network security? Wouldn't it be better to expand the permissions for the user with limited rights, instead of sharing administrator credentials?

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Re: Changing QV user in Access Point

Hi Peter,

it is a good point.

Will check this.

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