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Cheap Web project


I am new to QlikView, but am very fascinated with its abilities. I have started my first QV project (a small family project).

I Wander if there is a cheap way to put such a project on the Web. Any suggestions or tips would be welcomed.

Thanks, Yigal

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MVP & Luminary
MVP & Luminary

Cheap Web project


I remember preliminary talks about opening a "share QlikViews" website where people could share their QlikViews and make them accessible on the Web, but I haven't seen any developments in that direction... I'm afraid, there is no cheap way at the moment...

cheers, and - SHANA TOVA!


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Cheap Web project

Hi, Oleg,

Thanks for your quick reponse.

I have just got an answer from another forum that Qliktech will launch an application share service . Maybe until Dec/09. I hope this is true.

I think QlikView can become a widespread platform for development, not only for BI applications, if there would be a reasonable licensing scheme.

Shana Tova, Yigal