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Degradation of initial opening when .shared file (155MB) were loaded

Incidentally one of the app's .shared file was corrupted, and qvs.exe's purge resulted in just 6KB (so all shared objects were destroyed). Then I have noticed that application (approx 500MB of qvw) started opening very fast. Subsequently I have restored the .shared from the daily backup, and again, the app opens slowly taking approx 5-9 sec.

By the way, this app is already set as preloaded at QMC.

So, .if many users created server objects, does it impact in the opening speed?

It leads to the recommendation that server administrator should keep .shared file as tidy as possible? (or even announcing to the users that we will run maintenance scripts so that non-shared objects are purged every weekend?)

I should appreciate for your feedack in advance.