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Deleting the Named CAL licenses

Hi everyone

We are experiencing for the moment that  a couple of our Named CAL licenses have been deleted. It occurs a couple of times during a month!

Is there any explanation on why it happens and how we may avoid it to occur?

Thank you

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Re: Deleting the Named CAL licenses


we experienced just that phenomenon only once yet, in July this year when we were having major server trouble because of one QlikView_service running amok and filling up nearly all the server's memory.

We were running a rather outdated version (11.0 something) of QlikViewServer at the time and an update to a newer version fixed that problem. Only, the newer version 11.2 also has some issues ...

Re: Deleting the Named CAL licenses

for any chance are you the QVS manager from the powertools?


Giuseppe Novello
Principal Technical Support Engineer @ Qlik

Re: Deleting the Named CAL licenses


may be your .pgo files are corrupted?

try by recreating them after you take proper backup of the same.