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Disaster Recovery Plan

Hi Experts,

I am trying to get my head around the QlikView Disaster Recovery mechanism. However, I could not get the right help in any website or posts. I appreciate if you could shed some light on the below questions.

  1. Disaster recovery, is it nothing but backing up the Files and Applications to a new server?
  2. Does QlikView Server provide any backup mechanism?
  3. Regarding the QMC configuration set-up settings(Scheduled Tasks and any other settings), which files should I look at taking backup?
  4. Best process to backup the files and QMC configuration setting files in case QlikView does not provide any method of doing it?

Your help here is highly appreciated.



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Re: Disaster Recovery Plan

All the above needs to be done manually by taking the back up. There is no disaster recovery in QlikView

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Re: Disaster Recovery Plan

Hi Shyamcharan

I will try to help you on this, so see bellow:

  1. All you need to recriate your enviromment is your apps( .meta and .shared) and the folder Qliktech( default path in C:\ProgramData)
  2. No it doesnt provide
  3. If you can do a backup of the folder Qliktech is better, but if you want just the QMC settings you can backup the folder Management Service inside the folder Qliktech.
  4. Stop the services of Qlikview and copy the folder Qliktech to other place you want

In other words if you have a backup of the folder Qliktech and the folders that contain your apps(qvw,qvd,meta,shared,etc) your machine can burn rsrsrsrs

Hope this helps


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Re: Disaster Recovery Plan

Thank you all.

Will do as suggested and share my work once I do it. Thanks heaps.

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Re: Disaster Recovery Plan

Hello Shyam,

I am also looking for something similar kind of document and list of procedure steps for DR planning.

Any update at your end on this please do share .


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Re: Disaster Recovery Plan

Hi Nagaraju,

Sorry for the delay in response.

I have not implemented the Disaster Recovery Plan Yet.

However, since I started from scratch I had deployed the code in both the machines.

What Herbert said above should work. thats all you need.

Hope this helps.