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Hi All,

In summary page of Document CAL's tab i can see the data like attached in the image.

Document CALs available on  server: 20

Document CALs not allocated on server: 0

When i try to assign a document CAL, getting error message as Too many document CALs allocated.

Does it mean that i have consumed all available document CALs?

Thanks for the support.




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Re: Doc CAL

Yes. Or more precisely, there are no available Document CALs from which you can reserve a number for use with this document.

You may have assigned them to other documents already, or you may have lost a number of Document CALs. You know, if you delete a document without first unallocating the document CALs or without first removing all reload tasks, you will create ghost documents and the CALs 'n' tasks will stay assigned to a document that doesn't exist anymore and that you cannot edit in the QMC.

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Re: Doc CAL

thank you.

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Re: Doc CAL

‌best way to check is to look at doc cal on each user doc on the documents tab. You can then see where they are consumed, it they don‘t add up to 20 then you have ghosts as mentioned above by Peter

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