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Error after fresh Install - QV11 SR1

Hi QV gents,

I getting a odd error after a fresh install of QV11 SR1 when I apply a reload rule in the QEMC. The error displayed is: "Failed to set document meta data".

Although after this error (plus other 2 in the event logs) the rule is actually applied. Other thing I realized is that this happen only in some files that in a same directory. Maybe it is a folders permissions/windows settings (also fresh install) but I can not understand why... the service user have permissions to write/read. QV Server is running in a Windows 2008 R2 Enterprise.

Did anyone had a similar problem that could help to figured out what is wrong?

Thank you!



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Error after fresh Install - QV11 SR1

Hey Vasco, how's it going?

It does seem to be a permission error since the metadata is placed in a new file with the .META extension.

If the service user is not in the QlikView Administrators group try to give explicit full permissions to the folder to that user.

That's what i would try first




Re: Error after fresh Install - QV11 SR1

Hi Carlos,

Happy you are also on the QV boat .

Thanks for that sugestion but it seems that is something different... because I checked and double checked the folders permissions & Qlikview Administrator group and it is everthing as it should be - Service User with full access.

I think the problem starts after the error 1 - " qvpx: Exception while handling request". Each QV instalation is a new a adventure...

Thanks for your input.