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Governance Dashboard QDS Log too large

I changed the (official) Governance Dashboard to reload continuously based on a business need to have up-to-the-minute information on when other QVDs were last generated.

Big mistake, the QDS logs directory got filled up in 3 days and took down the server.

I'm noticing the Governance Dashboard produced QDS logs about 22MB per reload. On continuous, this is a massive amount of data stored. Frankly, I don't need any logs for the Gov.Dashboard itself.

What is the best way to mitigate this?
My QDS server logging is on "Normal" setting
I have turned off 'Enable Audit Logging' for the Governance Dashboard Reload task itself

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Re: Governance Dashboard QDS Log too large

I'm not sure I understood the issue.

QlikView Governance Dashboard does not produce any logs, the QlikView Distribution Service does, with and without the Governance Dashboard. Then the QlikView Governance Dashboard consume these logs that already exist from the folders you specify in the QVGD app > Condiguration. You do need these logs if you want to display that data in the QVGD.

The only log the QVGD can create is its own reload, which can be disabled opening the file with QlikView Desktop > Settings > Document Properties > General > uncheck "Generate logfile".

The QVGD also creates supporting QVDs which contain the history of the logs to make the load faster and avoid reading the text logfiles each and every time. These QVDs are required for the functioning of the QVGD and will have the same level of verbosity than the text logiles. This verbosity can be changed in the QMC.

"Audit logging" is a setting in the QMC which registers in the server "Audit_*" logs the activity of the users (values selected, sheets changed, actions triggered, etc.). Your change will only affect to those users consuming the QVGD from the AccessPoint.

If you see a lot of log files, those are produced by the Distribution Service, and they will need to be set up in the QMC. You could create daily files for the logs, reload the QVGD, then delete the logs or zip them to save space in disk.

Looping Tyler in case I'm missing something.


Re: Governance Dashboard QDS Log too large

Miguel, you're absolutely right regarding the "Generate Logfile" setting. I noticed in my own research after my post that the the actual file taking up all of this room was the DocumentLog here...

...\Logs\QDS\1\Log\20181105\103053 - Governance Dashboard Reload\DocumenLog.txt

You can see the day, then timestamp for each task run. On continuous reload, this big boy runs 40 times per hour.

I suspect these document logs are being saved so they can be retrieved and viewed in the QV12.20 SR 6 "Show Task Details". Ironically, the 31MB log would not display in the "Show Task Details" because it is too large

I was not involved with QV admin prior to QV12. And only had <SR6 for a couple of weeks, so I'm not sure it this is "new" because of the feature to see each document log in the "show Task Details"
I cannot find a way to turn off keeping every instance of the document log in that QDS logs folder.
So the only solution for the time being is to check OFF the "Generate Logfile" setting in the QVW itself.

It seems like my options are:
- Generate NO logfile (per QVW)
- Generate single Logfile but the QVS automatically saves it every single run
- Generate timestamped Logfiles (per QVW) which would be ridiculous because now we're saving it twice (in different locations)

There should be a way for the admin to prevent certain tasks from having the LogFile saved for every single run. So I can run something often, and still be able to generate a single logfile in the QVW's directory.


Re: Governance Dashboard QDS Log too large

When you enable Generate Logfile it creates a .log file along with the QVW, which is overwritten every time the QVW is reloaded, unless "Timestamp in logfile name" is also checked.

In the QMC > System > Setup > Distribution Service > General > Settings for QDS you can set it to "No logging"

Additionally, in the config file QVDistributionService.exe.config there are several settings you can change to keep only 1 day worth of logs or even disable them, or make the QDS check for certain available disk space before logging. I would recommend you here to get in touch with Qlik Support.

However, be aware that the Governance Dashboard relies on these logs to be able to display the data it displays, you might want to borrow parts of its script and create your own, tailored app which only uses what you need.


Re: Governance Dashboard QDS Log too large

thanks Miguel. I will look in the settings file you mentioned for a solution.

Maybe I just want to have my cake and eat it too.

I wish there was a way for us to prevent the saving of every single document log for some tasks, like the QVGD. While still being able to keep one DocumentLog alongside the qvw.