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Hide Anonymous QVW Files in Accesspoint?

Hi Qlikview friends,

Has anyone attempted or does anyone know if it's possible to hide qvw files in the Accesspoint that authenticate to Anonymous?  I have a bunch of files that are set to anonymous authentication and I don't want to have to sift through them.  Moreover, I want to be able to hide them from other users that may log into the Accesspoint.

Any thoughts or suggestions is greatly appreciated.


QlikView 10 SR2

DMS Authentication with header injection

using Configurable ODBC

in a 3-tier SAaS implementation with QV Server and Publisher on separate systems.

Jeff G

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Re: Hide Anonymous QVW Files in Accesspoint?

Hide files by setting the file attribute to hide.

Right Click the desired file -> General Tab -> Attributes: Hidden ( check it)

Hope this will solve your problem.


Re: Hide Anonymous QVW Files in Accesspoint?

Hi Jeff,

Anything you do will also hide them in the AccessPoint. How are your users getting to the files? Through an URL or AccessPoint.


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