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How can I set Memory Limits for all Documents on a Server

Does anyone know if there is a simple way to limit the amount of RAM that can be used by a document on the QlikView Server?

I administer a server that houses 85+ documents, some of which are 300-400 MB in size. I have set-up calculation conditions on serveral charts, but still I can experience a 10-20GB spike in RAM when some unidentified charts load. Most of which is returned after the calculations are complete. If all the available RAM is consumed though, the server thrashes and eventually I'm forced to restart the QVS service.

I'm running QVS v9 SR7 64bit on a Windows Server 2008 with 32GB of RAM.

Since I allow the users to create collaborative objects, I'd like a way of identifying the culprit(chart), and limiting the amount of RAM that can be used by a document.

Any suggestions would be appreciated,


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Go to the QlikView Enterprise Management Console, System, Setup, QlikView Servers, click on yours, and on the right pane go to Performance. There you are the "Working set" that sets, in percentage, the amount of RAM that QlikView Server will be allowed to use, so if you have say 10 GB RAM, a Low-High set of 50-75% menas that QlikView will allocate (when needed) between 5 and 7.5 GB of RAM.

Hope that helps.


That's not how I understood those limits to work. They should only identify the maximum amount of RAM that can be consumed. Once the high mark is met, the sever starts to write to disk. This doesn't prevent the situation that I described.


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Hi bnichol,

That is correct; the working set limits are not statically set limits but instead reference points for when the server regarding how much memory that can be allocated. When going over the min value will the QVS try to decrease the amount of memory used by the server to try to get below the line.

So no, working set limits is not a solution for what you try to do. For what I know is there no function with the QVS to limit the amount of RAM used by an document today.

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There is no possibility to limit QVS memory per document. Unfortunately the per-chart memory limits are ignored sometimes.

You could let QVS grow it's memory until it crashes. Or you could kill it and restart it automatically before it reaches a limit. Less downtime == less emails + phonecalls that something is not working


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Any updates on this? Is this feature planned?

We keep having to reset QVS because the server reaches 100% memory utilization and things start to break.

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Hi Miguel,

Can you tell me how you calculate these Low-High limits on the basis of RAM?

My server is having 64 GB RAM and Published Application size is approximate 5GB so what exactly I need to set in Low-High?



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Working set is based on what % of your total memory need to be kept for other processes that run on your server. OS and any other services. In case of larger RAM, you can play with how you determine your high working set option. QV assumes that it can use upto that % of total RAM without releasing cache based on low working set option. 70% and 90% are normal working options at server level