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How to ADD new licenses package by QMC

Hello ,

20 more Named_cal   and 20 more Doc_cal  licenses have been purchased for furher clients.

By the server TAB :  QMC > System > Licenses > Client Access Licenses , how can i add these new purchased licences to the existant package as shown in Licenses1.jpg ?

What about the present LEF contents  ?  

As shown in fig : Licenses-2.jpg

What about the Buttons :  Clear Licence / Update Licence From Server / Apply Licence  ?     to terminate

Let me know how will you operate ?  To make sure the existant licenses will not be cleared.

All experiences will be appreciated.

Kind regards


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Re: How to ADD new licenses package by QMC

Getting new CALs usually means you keep the same Serial Number and Control Number, The change in your license is made on our server.

It depends on your situation how to update your local server.

If your server is connected to the internet, make sure Serial and Control are entered and simply click on the Update button near the bottom.

If your server is not connected to the internet, you have to apply the new LEF manually. Go to this link (from a PC that is connected to the web), enter Serial, copy the LEF to a text file and take that to your server.

Manual LEF

Enter the Serial, Control and LEF and apply license.

Do know that both situations require a Service restart, so consider doing this outside of office hours or at the end of the day as all active sessions probably get killed.

May you live in interesting times!

Re: How to ADD new licenses package by QMC

Adding licenses will not clear any assigned CALs. The transfer of new licensing information from the Qlik LEF servers that Onno is talking about will only adjust the number of available CALs.


  • Clear License will do what it says: remove/unregister all current licensing information. Do not use that button
  • Update License... = QMC/QMS will contact the Qlik LEF servers and transfer your current allowance from the central repository
  • Apply License = the QMC/QMS will use the Serial No/Control No/LEF text you entered, validate it and apply it to your server (possibly without contacting any outside server)

If you want to understand the process behind licensing a server: Re: Server Failed to set License



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Re: How to ADD new licenses package by QMC

what u could be do is, just simply click button "Update License From Server",if it's ask just key in ur existing serial number & control number.

that is enough,th helps to update automatically and u can see all number of license LEF file box here.

What about the present LEF contents  ? --that will update automatically,don't worry but back of this file before update.