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How to Share Session over internet?


I have enabled session collaboration on my QlikView server and tested sharing within my domain (LAN) but I would also like to enable session sharing over internet.

First question then is if this is possible using only a server or would it require publisher or enterprise addition/version of the server? Please note that I'm not trying to access the document as a User but as an invited collaborator connecting over the internet using a shared session.

I have successfully shared sessions within my LAN so the share-button is there thanks to the Sharing a Session instructions. I am looking for a step by step instruction/checklist in similar fashion of what needs to be done to give external users access to my shared session.

Things I have tried:

Connected using the share link with external server IP instead of default server name (at both places in the link)

Connect to http://<external server IP>/qlikview then I receive "404 - File or directory not found."

Connect to http://<external server IP>:4750/QVWS/Service then I receive "Webpage not available"

Added exceptions to the firewall for port 4750 and QVWS service.



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Re: How to Share Session over internet?

When the 'share session' link is created you will notice that it has a URL in it with an IP, Server Name, or full qualifed server name in it.

http://<Server reference>/....

It is that reference which the end user MUST have access to join a collaboration. It makes sense that your users can do this

If you have a QlikView deployment on the extranet AND you access the app through the extranet the URL will be generated with the internet accessible server reference which your users may have access to

http://<Extranet Server reference>/....

In essence, there isn't anything you have to do to make session sharing work in an extranet environment except the one big thing of reconfiguring  your QlikView Server with ports, firewalls , web servers, proxies etc...  to be internet accessible.

Consider security configuration and licensing implications (for normal users not session collaboration joiners) as you do this as well.

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Re: How to Share Session over internet?

Thank you Jonathan for pointing me in the right direction. I will review the security configurations and test external access as a full user and then retry as a collaborator and hopefully if everything is open and configured I should be able to share sessions externally.

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