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How to show sheet permantently and refresh automatically


We use SBE server with v.11 as the QV software.

With this I would like to show a sheet on a large screen for a maintenance shop via the accesspoint.

This to show a number of meters.

The sheet is refreshed every 3 minutes by a task. Everything seems to work fine except it won't show the new figures on the meters without "touching" the sheet. The goal is to show new figures automatically (like a real dashboard :-)

Having read previous discussions about this topic I did the following configuration:

The sheet (documents settings/server tab) parameters are set to:

- "Server performs refresh automatically without client action"

and radiobuttons:

- "Enable push from server"

- "enable dynamic data update" are set

The Server settings are set to

- I can NOT set radiobutton "Allow dynamic data update" since the apply-button does not seem to work to set this button in our configuration

- " IE plugin (since 1 comment pointed out that the Ajax version wouldn't work (how strange...!!??) )

Does anyone has a clou?



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How to show sheet permantently and refresh automatically

I vaguely recall you might need QlikView's Real Time Server for this and that it costs extra. However I also seem to recall that they dropped RTS for v11. You might want to check directly with them.

Otherwise you could maybe embed the app in a simple iFrame scheduled to refresh every few minutes?

Hope this helps,



How to show sheet permantently and refresh automatically

BIG screen display that auto refresh are much more easily managed as a local client soluton ie do not run it from QlikView server.

Then you can manage reloads with a macro.

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Re: How to show sheet permantently and refresh automatically


I'm having the same issue.  Although I am using a "loader".qvw (runs nightly 23:15) to create a number of qvd's that my primary qvw pulls historical data from.  My qvw pulls in the .qvd data and then pings the source for any new data.

This method has reduced my load time from 00:01:35 to around 00:00:06.  My qvw is currently scheduled to reload data every min from 07:00 - 19:00.

I have the same settings selections you mention above except I am not using IE.

"Chrome" has a "Easy Auto Refresh" plug-in that is very reliable and allows you to set the time between refreshes.

While I understand that management may be easier from the client solution, I need to display my .qvw on 3 seperate campuses in 7 different office spaces.  Using a client solution would mean that I'd have 7 clients pulling data from my source every min for 12 hours a day. 


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